House of Keerthi Kadire is a luxury occasion wear brand that offers a concoction of artisanal values, traditional silhouettes and timeless pieces. Founded in 2019 by designer Keerthi Kadire, the luxurious fashion house is rapidly gaining recognition as an illustrious label with its bridal and ready-to-wear pieces.

House of Keerthi Kadire is a contemporary label with modern tailoring. Weaving in inspiration from art, nature and the world around, the designs from Keerthi Kadri offer brides an unsurpassed level of quality and craftsmanship. With cascading silhouettes, dynamic hues and skilfully hand-crafted touches, Keerthi gives expression to every facet of the modern – day bride, combining tradition with contemporary aesthetics. A Keerthi Kadire bride is surreal, confident and refined. The pieces are created to reflect the sophistication and beauty of the modern, independent yet classic woman.

The brand takes pride in its refined craftsmanship, plush fabrics and graceful embroideries. It offers a kaleidoscopic explosion of vibrant colours to create hopelessly romantic yet timeless pieces. The designer captures the essence of luxury and narrates fairy tales through every creation using the finest fabrics and masterfully transforming them into elegant pieces where modern meets the classic and sensual softens the bold.